Launchpad — How we improved our loading times by more than 200%

Our latest product, Launchpad for Sketch, is a tool for designers that empowers designers to publish websites directly from Sketch, without ever touching code or depending on developers.

In the past week we focused on improving our code generation algorithms in the goal of making our customers websites faster.

We are happy to announce that our efforts were fruitful and the current Google PageSpeed score for websites created with Launchpad is the best of its category. Check it yourself.

Our Google PageSpeed score is the best of its category. Check it yourself.

Besides the great benefit of your website visitors faster loading time, having a good PageSpeed score is excellent for SEO.

Here are some of the optimizations we’ve made to all websites created with Launchpad:

  • 👐 Cache-Control — We’ve added the Cache Control header field in order to allow browsers to cache static content.
  • 💪 Compressed images — Every image file in your Sketch file gets compressed and optimized for optimal web performance.
  • 🤙 Minimized HTML/JS/CSS — Source code for websites is now minimized in order to reduce network traffic.
  • ✊ Gzip — Every text-based file such as HTML/CSS/JS/SVG gets to be compressed into a zipped asset that browser can understand while reducing traffic load and therefore loading the website faster.
  • 👌 Responsive images — Only images relevant to current breakpoint will be loaded.

We’ve made more subtle optimizations and there is always more to do. We will continue optimizing our algorithms so designers can easily create beautiful and fast websites.

To benefit from all the new optimizations be sure to have a premium account and re-publish your website, if you haven’t in the past day.

  • Every week we are rolling out a new set of exciting features. To make sure you stay up to date with the latest on Launchpad —