Freelance Designer, Here Is How To Triple Your Income


If you are a Freelance Web Designer, you might get contract work from websites like UpWork, Fiverr, Dribbble or the likes. Your clients want you to create a stunning website for them. It can be a landing page or a bit more elaborate marketing website. You agree on a project and a price — on average it will be somewhere between $500-$700 for a custom simple website, and you start designing. You work tirelessly and you’re making great progress. And then it’s done. You finished the design, and it looks great. You’re proud of your creation. After some iterations, your client agrees your work is awesome and thanks you.

Many times what will happen next is the client asks you if you know a great web developer that can take your awesome design and make it a live website. If you’ve been around the block you probably know a few and refer them. The client thanks you and hires a web developer to take your design from being a Sketch file into being a live, functional website.

The developer will charge an extra of anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 to write the HTML and CSS for your design and put it online.

That’s a lost opportunity right there.

Lost Opportunity

You already have a client, they need a service and are willing to pay for it. If only you could provide that service it will be so much better both for you AND for your client. You will get paid about 3 times more and your client will not have to deal with the overhead of working with 2 separate contractors and all the hassle that comes with it. You will be able to deliver the full service from A to Z. One-stop shop. From design to live website.

You will be able to deliver the full service from A to Z. One-stop shop. From design to live website.


Launchpad for Sketch is a Sketch plugin that empowers you to publish real websites directly from Sketch, no coding needed.

It has many features that are essential for real websites:

  • Responsive
  • Forms
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Hover effects
  • And more..

It’s very intuitive and very easy to use. It takes about 2 hours to go through the samples, videos and tutorials and start creating real websites. If you want to make much more money and you’re willing to do the work, there is no better ROI out there right now.

To become a full-stack designer that also publishes client’s websites as real websites, we recommend these steps (20 minutes):

  1. Browse our Samples page to see what designers are creating — (Link)
  2. Download and Install Launchpad for Sketch — (Link)
  3. Try a sample website and publish it to see the magic — (Link)

Alright now that you’ve tried it and experienced the flow, it’s time to get real by working on your own design (30 minutes — 1 hour).

  1. Pick a design of a website that you’ve done in the past (in Sketch)
  2. Make your design responsive by using Auto-Layout and Stacks
  3. Add Links between pages and External Links — (Link)
  4. Make forms interactive — (Link)
  5. Create a preview of your website -(Link)

Now you can iterate and make sure your website works as intended. Once you’re done, the next thing is to publish your website to the world (20 minutes):

  1. Buy a domain at your preferred domain provider — (Google Domains)
  2. Connect the domain to your Launchpad website — (Link)
  3. Add Google Analytics to your website — (Link)
  4. Publish! — (Link)

Now the website is live and functional and you can send it to your client for approval.

To perfect the website responsiveness and functionality will probably take more iterations, but the more you work with Launchpad the faster you’ll become.

After 3 projects you could take a nice vacation… 😉


Now that you’ve invested a couple of hours getting into Launchpad and you feel confident you can provide a full service to your clients, your next projects will become much more profitable.

You’ll be able to provide and charge for services that were beyond your reach but today are completely under your control.

Start offering your clients web design AND development instead of web design only.

If you client has their own hosting, a Pro account will allow you export the website’s code and send the zip file to your client. Otherwise you can use our hosting, which is $9 monthly or $96 annually. If you want to charge your clients a flat fee, you could mark up your price to include 3 years hosting. So if you’re original offer was $3,000 for design and development, you would offer $3,500 for design, development and hosting — signup for annual plan, which would cost you $288 and keep the extra $212 for yourself!


By investing one day of learning a new tool, you could triple your income. That’s a great Return on Investment by all means. You can try Launchpad for free, no signup required. You only pay when you need to connect a custom domain and launch a real website. It’s risk free and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We’re only happy if you’re happy.